Harmony TEMPO Device only

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Product Description

The TEMPO Device by Harmony is the perfect device to get started with if you are looking to vape CBD. This pack Includes the Device Only. 
  • Compact & Sleek Design
  • Pre-filled pods
  • 310mAh Battery
  • Refillable
The TEMPO delivers a superior vaping experience providing smooth flavour along with a compact, elegant and leak proof construction.  Find your ideal flavour with high quality potent flavours available, all pre-filled and ready to go. 

This device is extremely light weight and harnesses a powerful 310mAh battery capable of long lasting life up to 24hrs. Featuring easy recharge ability through micro USB this device can be charged quickly and efficiently almost anywhere. With puff activation the Tempo is simple to vape and doesn't require any battery operation, making pocket activation almost impossible keeping you safe. 

The Tempo is perfect for beginner and expert vapers alike providing an easy to use device which is both discreet and stylish. The device has extremely high performance producing flavour filled clouds and a satisfying throat hit. 


A unique ability to refill your pods with any Harmony E-liquid up to 4 times before replacement is needed with a new pod. 

How to Refill the TEMPO pod
  1. Gently pull the pod out of the battery and open the silicone door at the bottom. Do not pull and detach the silicone plug.
  2. Take your favourite Harmony CBD e-liquid and push it into the refilling port.

  3. Fill the pod. Don’t overfill it.

  4. Wait 5 minutes after filling the pod to prime

  5. Vape and Enjoy!


When the device is low on battery the LED will flash 10 times and the tempo will power off.

When charging simply connect a high quality 5V charger along with included USB cable. Insert micro USB gently into port of device.


如果您想使用 CBD 電子煙,Harmony的 TEMPO 設備是完美的入門設備。此包僅包含設備。 
  • 緊湊時尚的設計
  • 預裝豆莢
  • 310mAh電池
  • 可再填充
TEMPO 提供卓越的電子煙體驗,提供順滑的味道以及緊湊、優雅和防漏的結構。找到您理想的口味,提供高品質的強效口味,所有口味都已預裝好,隨時可用。 

該設備重量極輕,配備強大的 310mAh 電池,續航時間長達 24 小時。這款設備具有通過微型 USB 輕鬆充電的能力,幾乎可以在任何地方快速高效地充電。通過粉撲激活,Tempo 易於吸電子煙,並且不需要任何電池操作,因此幾乎不可能通過口袋激活來確保您的安全。 

Tempo 非常適合初學者和專業電子煙用戶,它提供了一種既謹慎又時尚的易於使用的設備。該設備具有極高的性能,可產生充滿香味的雲朵和令人滿意的喉嚨撞擊。 


一種獨特的能力,可以在需要更換新煙彈之前,用任何 Harmony 電子煙液為煙彈重新填充多達 4 次。 

如何重新裝滿 TEMPO Pod
  1. 輕輕地將吊艙從電池中拉出並打開底部的矽膠門。請勿拉扯和拆下矽膠塞。
  2. 將您最喜歡的 Harmony CBD 電子煙油推入加註口。

  3. 裝滿豆莢。不要裝得太滿。

  4. 將豆莢裝滿後等待 5 分鐘

  5. 蒸汽和享受!


當設備電池電量不足時,LED 將閃爍 10 次,並且節拍器將關閉。

充電時,只需連接高質量 5V 充電器和隨附的 USB 電纜。將微型 USB 輕輕插入設備端口。